About me

My name is Udo Müller and I am currently working as a database- and system administrator in the beautiful city of Bern. In my spare time I enjoy many things and one of those is taking pictures. A few of those pictures can be seen on these pages.

These pages have gone through a lot of changes in the time of their existence... they appeared out of nothing and vanished again... they moved from server to server or were scattered all over the net... and sometimes their appearance changed. But all the time they were a product of my imagination... somehow an image of myself... and I think that they always will be.


I prefer to postprocess my photos as little as possible but sometimes a photo begs to be processed in a specific way. And as the JPEGs straight from the camera not always show the desired look, it is of advantage to shoot JPEG+RAW. That way I can get the way I saw the motive through processing of the RAW picture.

On this site you see the final photos. If there is a button named "Original" above a photo you can see the original photo by hoovering the mouse over the button. When this button is not there, I used the JPEG straight from the camera.

Current equipment

After shooting film for a long time with SLRs and medium format cameras I have gone completly digital now. I recently added a Sony SLT-A99V to my old and trusty Minolta Dynax 7D. Different lenses, filters and other equipment add to the weight I sometimes carry around with me.

Software used

These pages are powered by a modified version of Pixelpost and a template with inspirations from different sources.

To process the photos I used Gimp and RawTherapee under Gentoo.




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